Bold, Confident YOU!

unnamedHere at Resilient Soul, we have a mission to uplift, empower and encourage women to be the best that they can be.  To embrace who they are and to love who they were created to be.  We believe every woman should possess the traits and resources to help her maintain and build confidence.

According to Webster, confidence is defined as “a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities”.  Women should be brimming with confidence, we know when a woman is lifted up, she brings her family and community with her.  It develops full trust and belief in the powers, and reliability of oneself.

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Listed below are some confidence attributes we feel every woman should possess.

  1. Self-Care is essential.
    • Women who are confident are very aware of their minds, bodies and spirits. They recognize when they are in a cycle of exhaustion and will make time for themselves.  This is something that women often struggle with because they are used to putting everyone else first, and themselves last.  As the old saying goes – what use are you to everyone else, if you are not taking care of yourself!
  2. Knowing and practicing their authentic self.
    • Confident women have recognized who they are, what they like, what they don’t like, and can be true to just that. These qualities that women have are the very qualities that make each woman unique.  So be yourself and love your authentic being.
  3. Don’t conform!
    • Confident women are not easily persuaded by who society says they should be or what they should be doing. They have come to a point of knowing they are fearfully and wonderfully made and in that, they hold the keys to a confident lifestyle.

There are always opportunities to walk in humility and to make yourself the best you can be.  Whether it is taking on a new hobby or getting in shape.  One thing that will stand to be true, in times to come, a woman who reigns in confidence will bring glory to everyone connected to her!

Much Love,

Shekeeta and Terrainia


Why Your Hair Regimen Is Not Working!


In the natural hair community, we often overlook the necessity of developing and maintaining a hair care regimen.  In our habitual desire to find the perfect product, we find ourselves in the cycle of becoming an uncontrolled product junkie.  We are always looking to try the newest product and trend to see if we can get the long, loose curl look that is often advertised to us in the natural hair community.

Here are a few tips to consider helping you get these bad habits in order and build a regimen that will optimize you natural journey.  Below are some reasons why your current hair regimen may not be working:

  1. Not reading the list of ingredients or directions on the product.  It is true and I am guilty.  I have selected and purchased a product without looking at the ingredients not paying attention to what the directions say.  Not all conditioners are created equally.  You must educate yourself on what ingredients will support hair health and those that will cause the most harm.
  2. Stop manhandling your hair! We often cause more damage to hair through the way we detangle and manipulate it on a day-to-day basis.  I have literally seen people detangle through dry brittle hair using combs and paddle brushes.  You can literally hear the snaps and rips of hair follicles in the midst of the process.  Take your time and learn how to detangle properly.
  3. Neglecting proper cleansing and moisturizing. We often will neglect the care and maintenance of our hair by waiting extensively long periods of time to properly cleanse our hair and scalp.  In addition, we often do not properly moisturize our hair in between washes or styles.

For more information on how to develop regimen be sure to sign up for our free eBook, Moisturized Tresses here.

3 Simple Tips to Help You Get Organized in 2017


So, it is the beginning of the year and you are excited about getting things in order.  You purchased the largest selling planner with all the gadgets, purchased extra storage containers or perhaps you downloaded the best organization apps to get you moving.  Now that you have invested in the tool and resources you need to get organized for 2017, what’s next?  Well, that is easy, it is time for the implementation! Consider these three steps to get you started:

Make the List, and Check it Twice!
The best organizing takes place when you actually know what you are suppose to get in order.  You will be surprised how many people will jump into various spontaneous task at the same time in order to organize.  This leads to more disorganization and increased confusion and frustration.  Take a moment to sit down, be still, and begin to gather your thoughts about the task you need to accomplish.  This will provide you an increased ability to focus and  a tangible resource (or check list) to refer to in the future.  Take just 10 minutes to write a list and once it is completed, check it to see if it realistic, attainable and measurable.  Group task together into like area and add deadlines. Now, you are well on your way.


Divide & Conquer
So now that you have your organization list ready,  it is time to divide the list up and begin conquering  tasks.  Sometimes it is helpful to separate your list in to categories such as kids, business, finances or guest closet for example. Remember to use your resources to help you accomplish the task, if your children or spouse can assist you take advantage of it, the more the merrier.

 No matter the task, divide it up so you can be focused on one subject for an allotted amount of time.  Don’t worry if you only have 15 minutes here, or 20 minutes there to get things done.  You will be surprised how much you can accomplish when you are focused on a particular task.

Consistent Execution
If you are consistently going back to your organization checklist to assess your status, you will be finished with your list in no time.  Remember to be dedicated to your efforts, and use the resources around you to help you accomplish the task at hand.  Stick to the allotted time you set to work on a task, and if you don’t complete it within that time, you can always revisit it at a later time.

Whether you are needing to organize your linen closet, go through your kids toys, organize the garage, work a meal plan, or plan a more efficient business day, you can absolutely get it done no matter how large or small the task.  Just remember to keep a list, divide and conquer and stay consistent and you will be there in no time!

Remember, BE Resilient!


New Year, New You or NAH?



People often have different views about New Year resolution.  Many of us are set ablaze with setting new goals and ambitions about our health, family and business.  Others just don’t believe the hype of the ‘New Year, New You’ mantra.  Perhaps the constant marketing ploys and selling gimmicks have people overwhelmed on where to begin, or maybe the feeling of being defeated on our lack of achieving the goals we set, make us more depressed about them.

Regardless of your view, one thing holds true to the New Year and that is, it clearly represents a time of “new beginnings.”  For many of us 2016 was a very difficult and challenging year.  Not only for us personally, but in our communities and a nation as a whole.  We found ourselves being constantly defeated by life’s obstacles, emotionally drained by news and events, and busy with busyness with little or no productivity.  Can you relate?

The fact of the matter is that everyday is a “new beginning.”  Your mindset, values, views and determination are often the things that set you back from becoming the new you daily.  How many times have you set a realistic goal and did not accomplish it because you talked your way out of it before you began? Or perhaps the fact that you don’t even see yourself worthy of achieving the goal in the first place makes it nearly impossible…

Maybe you don’t need to set new goals or  a New Year’s resolution.  Maybe you just need to make up your mind that you are worth it!  We believe in you, do you?


Stay resilient!


Resilient Soul



Top 5 Products of 2016


It is the end of another year, and we have come up with a great list of our favorite products for 2016.  Below is our list of ones WE CAN NOT LIVE without!.

alikay naturals essential 17 hair growth oil - Copy

  1. Alikay Naturals- Essential 17 Hair Growth Oil

Also, a second year on the Top 5 list! Shekeeta says, “ My scalp like-y”!  That is how we can best explain this blend of over 17 essential oils and herbs used in this product. It is light weight and you can literally see the herbs floating in the mixture.  This product includes oils like Emu and Horsetail that promote health and restoration.  It is a must-have on your hair regimen list.



  1. SoWorthy Product Oh My Goodness Astringent

Terrainia stated this is definitely a must have in your arsenal for safe and healthy protective styling.  This product is specially formulated to Keep scalp free and clear of clogging the follicles encourage hair growth, while healing scalp. As stated by the creator of this product, “The health of the scalp can determine the health of your hair”.


  1. Alikay Naturals -Shea Yogurt Moisturizer

This is hands down one of Shekeeta’s favorite hair moisturizer (she is picky too).  She was in heaven when she learned she could purchase this product in a 16oz bottle.  If you are seeking a moisturizing butter that seals, revives and strengthens your hair with natural ingredients, Then this is it!


  1. Naturalicious Moroccan Rhassoul 5-in-1 Clay Treatment (For Tight Curls + Coils)This is the second year in a row this product has landed in the Top 5 for the year.  Terrainia is in love with how this product cleanses, conditions, and detangles her hair.  Her wash day is down 20 minutes now!  The new clear bottle makes it easier to see how much of the product is left.


  1. Naturalicious- Moisture Infusion Styling Creme (For Tight Curls + Coils)

LOVE this styling creme.  It is truly moisturizing and helps prevents frizz.  Great to use for those “in between wash” styles.  Definitely a keeper!



It’s All About the Yoni

Terrainia’s Review of Goddess Body Yoni Oil


I was very excited to try this product.  I just new in my heart this was going to be an awesome feminine hygiene experience.  To start,  ‘yoni’ is The Sanskrit word for female genitals and translates to “source of all life” or “sacred space”.  The label states it works to “restore balance, antibacterial, antifungal, vaginal toner, and natural lubricant’.  Filled with many natural oils and herbs, I was excited to see the following ingredients:

  • Apple cider vinegar – Benefits of this ingredient include: antifungal, antibacterial, prevent germ growth, anti-inflammatory, lowers blood sugar and insulin levels
  • Lemongrass – Benefits of this ingredient include: antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant properties, contains substances that are thought to relieve pain, reduce fever, stimulate the uterus and menstrual flow 
  • Tea tree oil – Benefits of this ingredient include: antibacterial, antifungal, known to relieve Chickenpox, cold sores, and Congestion and respiratory tract infections, Natural deodorant And Removes foot order

How I used Yoni Oil: I placed 3-5 drops of Yoni oil on my index and middle finger and rubbed the oil on the inner and outer labia and opening of the vaginal.

Smell: I absolutely loved the smell of this product.  It has a earthy, yet citrus scent.

Consistency: It is a very lightweight oil, but is very moisturizing.  I tried using this oil on my hands and elbows, and my skin enjoyed it.


Benefits: I started using this oil in June 2017 and I have not stopped.  I use this oil every morning after I take my shower.  I place 3-5 drops of Yoni oil on my index and middle finger and rub the oil on the inner and outer labia and opening of the vaginal.

The summer months of Oklahoma sold me on this product.  Due to the high temperatures and humidity, I usually have several issues with sweating, freshness, and itching in the vagina area.  During this humid season, I normally have at least once yeast infection, but this year I had NOT ONE!  

This product allowed me to stay fresh all day, and I felt as though it minimized my itching and sweating.  I know longer needed to use a special soap for this area of my body.  This product is now a must have in my daily feminine hygiene routine.

To learn more about this product and the company, visit

Don’t Wait for the Unexpected


There is nothing more stressful than having something unexpected to take place and not being prepared for it.  A death in the family with no life insurance.  An unexpected car accident with no coverage.  Your home being damaged in a storm with no one to fix it.  We all experience life’s unexpected events, and there are things that will happen that we have absolutely no control over.  We are never exempt from these interruptions, but we can do our best to prepare for them.

I have personally experienced all of the above and some instances without proper insurance coverage.  So if you are agreeing with what I am saying then don’t delay, you have been putting off picking up that additional coverage for some time now.  And we know how many go fund me campaigns we see on a regular basis now.

State Farm insurance has been established since 1922.  They cover a multitude of needs and we have an awesome agent who would be happy to assist you.  Sherrie Jefflo State Farm agent has an office located in the heart of Oklahoma City off of May Avenue.  She can be reached in person, via phone, email or internet.  She is a supporter of her community and educator of all things insurance.  There are many insurance companies here but state farm is definitely a reputable one.  I have learned the hard way and I am now a covered customer.  To find out more information please visit the link below for details.


Summertime Curls

Summer is upon us and it’s time to get those curls popping! Your hair has suffered great turmoil through the dry, brittle winter season. Now that there is more moisture in the air, and warm weather to match, it is time to let those tresses be FREE. This is also a great time to review your product regimen and make the necessary changes for the new season. You may want to consider using light leave-in conditioners and moisturizers versus heavier butters and creams at this time of year. With the increase of rain and humidity, your hair may be able to retain more moisture than the previous winter months.

So I wanted to share one of my favorite springtime natural hairstyles. THE KNOTTED TWO-STRAND TWIST!! This technique always delivers the perfect bouncy summertime curls that can stretch for several days or weeks depending on how you want to wear it.

So let us begin…



So be sure to start with your spring-time washing and conditioning routine.  Can we say #washday!


Next I sectioned my hair into two-strand twist, followed by twisting the hair around itself.  My hair normally holds fine but some people use rubber bands or bobby pins to hold the knots in place.


I normally let mine dry overnight and then unravel the knots.  You can choose to stop here and wear your hair like this for a couple of days or…


Move forward to by separating your twist and fluff for the BEST SPRING TIME CURL HAIR STYLE EVER!


Hope you enjoyed it, and until next time BE Resilient!




4 Helpful Tips To Find A Natural Hair Stylist


It can be absolutely frustrating and exhausting trying to find a good hair stylist let alone an educated, competent and skilled natural hair stylist.  With the rise of natural hair conversions and lack of natural hair education and training, at times this task can seem near impossible.  But here are 4 proven techniques in locating a natural hair stylist just right for you.

  1. Word of mouth. You love her hair and it looks fantastic, so just ask! That’s right, get over yourself and just ask the simple question, “Girl, who does your hair?” Why is it so hard for women to give one another a compliment, or simply ask a naturalista to give up the goods and info.  You will be surprised how many natural hair women are more than willing to provide you with their stylist information.  They can completely relate to the struggle of finding a stylist, plus word of mouth and personal experience are key in this process.
  2. Social Media. In this time of advanced, microwave-ready technology, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Periscope, SnapChat, and Google+ are changing the way we refer or research for a natural hairstylist   Women love to talk about their hair both in person and online, so take advantage of the ‘gab’ and the get the information you need for a great stylist.
  3. Booking Sites. For those who do not want to find out the scoop about local natural hair stylists on their own, you are in luck.  Try checking out some the top stylist’s booking sites on the web such as Vagaro, Schedulicity or Styleseat (my personal fav).  These type of sites allow you to find a salon or stylist in your area, review their prices and services, read reviews, view pictures of their work and most importantly you can schedule an appointment without even picking up the phone.  SUPER FANTASTIC!!
  4. Internet Search. An oldie but goodie…Just Google it.  Several stylists have caught wind various avenues for advertising and the importance of branding and marketing themselves.  You will be surprised how googling “natural hair stylist in ____” can save you life!


Well, we hope you find exactly what you are looking for in a natural hair stylist near you!  Stay blessed.


Shekeeta’s Denman Review

Okay okay, so I always thought “The Denman,” was a detangling brush but after doing some research I found it was developed as a styling brush.  Ooohhh… who would have thought!  But after using it for styling purposes, I understand why.  Although many naturalista’s use this tool for detangling purposes which I have and will continue to do.  I definitely want you guys to consider using it even more for styling purposes.


So surprise, surprise just in case you did not know.  The Denman Brush can be customized!  Whoop whoop that’s right you can remove bristle’s to customize your brush for your strands.  So the brush I have is the classic D3 Medium 7 Row Styling Brush.


You can push out the bristle portion of the Denman open it up and easily pull out the bristle rows that you don’t want to use.  How cool is that.

Utilizing this step definitely made a difference in my experience in detangling my hair!  In addition I noticed that the Denman is the bomb when it comes to styling.  Whether you are trying to maximize your curl pattern with a wash and go style or using this tool as a mechanism to stretch your hair for styling rollers sets, perm rods etc.  It helps define your curls and clumping curls together.  So take it from me and give the Denman a go, you will love it!


I am so stoked that Denman International will be supporting the 2016 Calling All Curls: International Natural Hair Meet up Day in Oklahoma City on May 21st from 5-8pm at Bistro 46.  That is right you will be able to try it on your own because they have sponsored one for every swag bag.   HEY NOW!! So be sure to follow them on social media and show them some love.  If you have not purchased your ticket yet here is the link ==>